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There are good reasons for watching TV during holiday, for example to attend the tingler of a soccer match or to feel the tension of a formula-1 race.
Maybe you are interested in up-to-date information of economic or political events in your country or around the world? Are you looking for a solution to distract your kids from the most repeated "Are we there yet?" question on long trips? However, enjoy mobile entertainment and infotainment in home quality.
Various accessories complete our broad range of products, like Audio/Video selectors, and amplifiers for the connection of more than one monitor to a multi-media center. Monitor mounts, antennas, and many others enhance our assortment.
All products are designed for mobile application, which results in an easy installation and handling, as well as in a high ruggedness against outside influences. The devices are predestinated for 12V power supply and show minimal power consumption.
All devices can be compiled to a mobile multimedia center with exciting features.

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Multimedia Box with DVD, DVB-T, USB, etc.

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