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Multimedia monitors

All CAMOS monitors are equipped with components of the highest quality, guaranteeing exceptional properties for mobile application.
Brilliant colours and crystal-clear sound are some characteristic attributes of our Audio/Video devices. They feature robustness, thermal resistance, and easy handling.
The larger displays supply a VGA and/or a DVI/HDMI port to connect a PC or games console. The combination of PC and TV never has been easier.
We provide all monitors with our "All-in-one" multi- connector cable; All lines leave the monitor in one cable, and the to be splitted at its end to each connectors. This enables you to adhere the optical harmony of your vehicle without an annoying number of single cables. All monitors are compatible to PAL/NTSC and are managed by a comfortable multilingual on-screen menu.
For sizes from 12" stands and mounts for desk and wall are available.

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