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360° Omnivue

Driving, maneuvering and parking with unprecedented ease. An all-digital network of four cameras with a particular viewing angle of 180 °, provides you with an absolutely new view from the sky without missing anything.

Unlike conventional RV systems that use a camera and a limited viewing angle, 360° Omnivue provides complete visibility for your vehicle at a glance.

Enjoy technology, installed by well-known manufacturers in the next generation of vehicles. Technology of tomorrow today!

See more, with 360° Omnivue - especially in complex situations. A network of four small real-time cameras, allows you the perfect panoramic view. For example when parking, you can see even completely hidden barriers and road markings because of the photo-realistic top view - even in tight spaces. An innovation that allows you to look foresighted in all directions.

Comparison RV-System  - 360° Omnivue

With 360° Omnivue you see more in your vehicle than ever before. Front, right, left and behind you - at a glance, without looking around. When inserting the reverse gear, the monitor automatically switches to the rear view camera. By setting the turn signal, the respective side camera is switched on. Blind spots are gone. With simple installation and absolutely neutral production elements re-equipping and upgrading is possible in nearly every vehicle. Whether special vehicles, campers, busses, vans or trucks. Get a quick overview and make a significant improvement in safety.

Additional information to our 360° Omnivue-System coming soon in our product informations.